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Headstones and Bases

Discover the timeless elegance of Lawn Memorials, the classic combination of a headstone and base. Each memorial is meticulously crafted, available in a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and styles, to best honor your loved ones.

Our Lawn Memorials are designed to seamlessly integrate into the serene surroundings of a garden or cemetery, serving as a dignified, lasting tribute. Crafted with expertise honed over years, every Lawn Memorial from W&W Memorials reflects our commitment to exceptional quality and thoughtful design.

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About Lawn Memorials

Headstones are essential to any memorial, serving as a lasting tribute to a loved one. When creating memorials, headstones play a crucial role in honouring and remembering those who have passed away.

A headstone, also known as a gravestone or a lawn memorial, is a marker placed at the grave site to identify the person buried there. It typically includes the person’s name, birth and death dates, and sometimes additional information such as a short epitaph or a symbol representing their beliefs or interests.

When designing a headstone, there are various factors to consider. Firstly, the material of the headstone is important. Common materials include granite and marble, each with its own unique characteristics and durability. Granite is popular due to its strength, longevity, and ability to withstand the elements.

Next, the style and design of the headstone should reflect the individual being memorialized. Countless design options are available, ranging from traditional and classic designs to more contemporary and personalized ones. Some families incorporate religious or cultural symbols, while others prefer a more minimalist and understated design.

In addition to the design, customization options allow for personalization. This can include adding photographs, engraved messages, or unique artwork that reflects the person’s personality, interests, or achievements. These personalized touches can make the headstone even more meaningful and represent the individual’s life and legacy.

When selecting a headstone, it’s important to consider cemetery regulations and guidelines. Different cemeteries may have specific rules regarding headstone size, materials, and design. Working with us will ensure that the chosen headstone meets all requirements.

Overall, headstones are a significant component of memorials, allowing families to create a lasting tribute to their loved ones. Whether it’s a simple lawn memorial or an elaborate gravestone, the design and customization options ensure that each headstone uniquely represents the person it honours.

“A huge 'thank you' to Sam and all at W&W Memorials. We recently ordered a headstone and Sam made sure we got exactly what we wanted with computer images to visualise the headstone, allowing us to make changes if needed — really useful with something as important and permanent as a headstone. Once happy with the design, the headstone was placed within a week. Excellent service. W&W Memorials come highly recommended.”

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