Our Process

Making Memorials that matter

At W&W Memorials, we understand that choosing a memorial for a loved one is a deeply personal and sometimes daunting task.

Our goal is to make the process as supportive, straightforward, and meaningful as possible.

With our five-step process, we guide you every step of the way - from choosing the type of memorial, selecting the material, to deciding on the perfect inscription, fitting the memorial, and even offering maintenance services.

We collaborate closely with you to create a lasting tribute that truly honours your loved one's memory.

Choose Type of Memorial

The first step in commemorating your loved one is to decide on the type of memorial. Our range includes everything from traditional headstones and plaques to more unique memorials like vases, kerb sets, and children's memorials. We're here to guide you through the options and help you choose the one that best represents your loved one.

Select Material Options

Once you've chosen the type of memorial, the next step is to select the material. We offer a variety of options, including granite, marble, and bronze, each with their own unique qualities. We'll discuss the advantages of each to help you make the right choice.

Pick Wording and Font

The inscription is a deeply personal way to commemorate your loved one. Whether it's a favourite quote, a simple statement of remembrance, or a more detailed tribute, we'll help you choose the right words. We also offer a variety of fonts to perfectly present your chosen message.

Fitting the Memorial

After finalizing the design and inscription, we'll arrange for the memorial to be expertly fitted at your chosen location. Our team of skilled masons will ensure that the installation is done with the utmost care and respect.

Memorial Maintenance

To ensure your memorial remains in perfect condition, we offer a range of maintenance services. From simple cleaning to more comprehensive care, we're committed to preserving the beauty and integrity of your memorial for years to come.

Your memories matter. Let's make them unforgettable.