Heart Memorials - Symbol of Enduring Love

Endless Love

Express your love and remembrance with our Heart Memorials, a symbol of unending affection and timeless elegance. These memorials, shaped as hearts, offer a profound way to commemorate your loved one, reminding us that they remain in our hearts forever.

Each Heart Memorial is more than a monument—it’s a beautifully crafted expression of love, designed with precision and care. Its emotive shape is a testament to the enduring bonds of love that extend beyond time and space.

W&W Memorials takes pride in crafting memorials that echo sentiments, connecting memories with enduring symbols of love and remembrance. Talk to us about our Heart Memorials, and find a unique way to keep your loved one’s memory alive in your heart.

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About Heart Memorials

Heart memorials can offer a heartfelt and meaningful tribute when choosing a memorial for a loved one. These memorials are designed as a heart, symbolizing love, compassion, and remembrance. Here are some key aspects to consider when exploring heart memorials for your loved one:


Heart-shaped headstones and memorials beautifully capture the emotions and love shared with the departed. The heart shape represents the depth of affection and the eternal bond between you and your loved one. It serves as a poignant symbol of your enduring love and remembrance.

Design Options

Heart memorials come in various designs, allowing you to personalize the memorial to reflect the individuality and personality of your loved one. From intricate carvings and engravings to unique patterns and motifs, you can choose a design that resonates with their spirit and captures their essence.


Heart-shaped memorials, symbolizing enduring love and affection, are expertly sculpted from resilient granite, a material celebrated for its lasting strength and aesthetic appeal. Granite is a preferred choice for these emotive memorials due to its inherent durability, longevity, and the variety of finishes it can be given. Each finish enhances the granite’s natural beauty in a unique way, complementing the heartfelt design of these memorials. This versatility ensures that the memorial can truly reflect your personal taste and the depth of your tribute, adding a distinct layer of personalization to these lovingly shaped memorials.


Personalizing a heart memorial adds a special touch to commemorate your loved one. You can include their name, dates of birth and passing, and meaningful quotes, poems, or religious symbols. Additionally, you can incorporate images, such as a photograph or an engraved portrait, to further honour their memory.

Maintenance and Care

It’s important to consider the long-term maintenance and care required for heart memorials. Depending on the material chosen, regular cleaning, sealing, and upkeep may be necessary to preserve its beauty and longevity. Consult with a memorial provider for guidance on proper maintenance practices.

Heart memorials provide a unique and touching way to remember and honour your loved one. They serve as a lasting tribute encapsulating shared love, memories, and cherished moments. By carefully considering the symbolism, design options, materials, customization, and maintenance, you can choose a heart memorial that beautifully memorializes your loved one and comforts those left behind.

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